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Language learning at com·be·nations in Heidelberg – the complete language service provider for international communication

com·be·nations provides professional language training and coaching.  Together with us you learn to communicate in the foreign language with motivation. And we focus on what you want! Our language courses, seminars, workshops and Skype meetings are tailored to your needs and wishes. As a participant in our courses you will experience enormous flexibility in training times and training types.

At com·be·nations you find the complete language service under one roof further training in business communication, German as a foreign language, many other languages, internal and external language testing, and a translation service internationally acclaimed with various awards.

It doesn’t matter if you come to us as an individual learner or the person responsible for qualifying your company’s staff, we’ll certainly find the appropriate solutions for you.

Non-binding sample training

We miss you!

We want to continue to support you as best we can, which is why we’re offering you our language training courses in the form of video/online training.

Video conference trainings



Our experience

We have supported specialists and management in enterprises with customised language courses and first class translation for almost 30 years. Numerous companies in the area of Heidelberg and Mannheim and all over Germany have integrated our versatile seminars, workshops and courses in their further education programs.

For more than 20 years we have been the official examination centre of the LCCI (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

What is important for us

Our language courses are not off-the-peg. We have consciously ignored online assessments, and prefer to define your current level and your language targets together with you in a personal discussion. Our trainers are not lone wolves but a part of our team!

We give them support and exchange ideas and information on a regular basis. While doing this, both learner and com·be·nations have the learners’ language target and communication goals in sight.

Training format