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Originally from the UK I have travelled, worked and lived abroad since 2013. During this time I have been teaching both individual and group lessons in local and international businesses in a variety of locations. Delivering tailored language lessons according to both company and students’ needs, I always strive to create a positive learning environment and provide engaging, relevant and entertaining content in language training. At the heart of every language is the ability to connect and communicate with people, whether this is for business or pleasure, I relish the opportunity to support students in achieving this.

I have been a business English trainer for twenty years and in the past twelve years have focused on Intercultural Communication as well.

As a native-English speaker with an MBA, I have worked with companies and institutions in the Yemen, Ghana, Zambia, Laos and Germany, training and helping students in significant business skills.

As a native speaker from Canada with a BA in history and library studies, I have been a language trainer for almost three decades. Customizing lessons for individuals and groups to better meet their needs is a priority. I have been based in the Frankfurt and Rhein Neckar area where I have worked for BASF, C&A, Freudenberg group, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, Henkel and Gelita AG. I enjoy my job immensely.

Senior Coach – working with people from various countries gives me a lot of pleasure. I’ve been working as a trainer and coach for 30 years. This has always been vital for me.   

In the last 25 years I have published more than 50 books about business English and cross-cultural topics.

In the meantime I do quite a few things: I still write books and give support to managers regarding the field of communication, I advise companies about their choice of training and give seminars on the following topics: Presentation Skills, Meetings and Negotiating, Finance and Controlling, Telephone, Sales and Purchasing among others. I’m a “flying coach” on my way all over Europe and offer seminars of several days inhouse, too. Apart from that I do individual training / coaching in my cottage on the south coast of England in the small town of Battle. All that keeps me pleasantly in form.

Since finishing my language studies in Bergamo, Italy I have been teaching Italian to specialists and management. I enjoy experiencing the development of my participants and their increasing confidence in Italian. My students like to play an active role which they can do from the very beginning in my courses and that their language goals and mine are the same.

In Spain I studied Politics at Complutense University in Madrid and I obtained a Master’s degree in Spanish as a foreign language from the Alcala University of Henares. After I had taught Spanish for a time in Madrid, I came to Heidelberg in 2012. Since then I have taught in various companies. What I like about my profession especially is that I can get to know various people and can convey the temperament of the Spanish language.

In romantic Heidelberg I studied languages (lost my heart here as well) and I’ve been a language trainer myself for many years). As a French woman it is my personal wish, in addition to the technical acquisition of a foreign language, to mix the cultural aspects of the other country into the language training. These contribute essentially to understanding the language and make learning more interesting and thus easier. Working as a trainer is a permanent challenge for me and I always look forward to being able to pass on my enthusiasm for foreign languages.

I teach both English and German as a foreign language. It is my goal to bring the language closer to the course participants but in a customised and sensitive manner, and to give them a “language skeleton” they can build on.

In my capacity as a TEFL trainer having more than 10 years of teaching experience and having lived in the USA, South America and South East Asia, I’ve created the best-possible preconditions to be able to design high-quality and customised language training.   

As a native English speaker from South Africa, I have been training Business English since 2005. In that time, I have had the pleasure of dealing with students across a wide scope of industries: from the automotive, I.T., pharmaceutical and diagnostic, chemical and cement industries. My speciality is intercultural training and LCCI exam preparation. My profound knowledge of English speaking countries and their people has given me a sound base for not only being able to teach the English language but also to give insight into the mentality and culture. I integrate this into my training.

Today, whoever wants to participate in the global economy has to be competent at English.

I well remember the time when the work demanded a good level of German, and the generous, friendly and collegial support that I experienced when learning the language at that time. I now would like to give something in return.

I have twenty years teaching experience both with professionals and university students in the Mannheim and Heidelberg area.

I’m a native English speaker with a degree in Modern Languages and linguistics and I’m extremely enthusiastic about your individual training needs.

As a native American English speaker living abroad for over a decade, I have been able to experience, learn and understand many cultural differences in both personal and business interactions. My studies in Philosophy and Germanistic/ Linguistics has also given me insight into inherent structures and usages of language. Since personal and cultural differences are mostly expressed through language, understanding is the key to success.

My experience as an English Trainer begins in 2007. In this time I have had the pleasure to work with a wide range of professionals and students from all over the world: e.g., academic professors, top managers, independent business men and women, military personnel, university students and secondary students. No project is ever the same and people’s needs vary. For this reason, I adapt my training approach to the individual(s) and the specific situation. Learning a language can not only be fun, it can also expand horizons.

Language is communication and as an English teacher I encourage my students to use their already existing language skills in an informal and relaxed environment by focusing on conversation, while helping them to build on these skills.

I have been working as an English trainer for com.be.nations since 2008, working with a diverse range of industry, including pharmaceutical, biochemistry, culture management and construction.

My career started as an actor. Later I moved into business and graduated with an MBA in Finance, Risk Management and Entrepreneurship. I have been certified as a teacher, coach and SCRUM Master for agile projects. For the last 10 years I have worked with clients ranging from BASF, Roche Diagnostics, PwC, Zurich Insurance and RWE. As a multipotentialite with many interests, I connect the dots between all my experience and the client’s needs. This creates a communication training that reaches far beyond a typical language training.