Learning the light way!


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Dr. René Bosewitz

Senior Coach – working with people from various countries gives me a lot of pleasure. I’ve been working as a trainer and coach for 30 years. This has always been vital for me.   

In the last 25 years I have published more than 50 books about business English and cross-cultural topics.

In the meantime I do quite a few things: I still write books and give support to managers regarding the field of communication, I advise companies about their choice of training and give seminars on the following topics: Presentation Skills, Meetings and Negotiating, Finance and Controlling, Telephone, Sales and Purchasing among others. I’m a “flying coach” on my way all over Europe and offer seminars of several days inhouse, too. Apart from that I do individual training / coaching in my cottage on the south coast of England in the small town of Battle. All that keeps me pleasantly in form.