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The examination centre

com·be·nations is an official examination centre of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI). With its 100-year-long tradition, the LCCI is one of the largest examination centres in the world. The LCCI’s international qualifications are recognised worldwide and serve as a proof of language competence for acceptance at many English-speaking universities.

English for Business (EFB)

EFB is a near-to-practice business English exam, which is available in 5 levels (preliminary to advanced) and is adapted to the common European Union test. The exam consists of a compulsory written test and an optional oral examination. It can be taken at several fixed times of the year as well as “on demand”.

Spoken English for Industry and Commerce (SEFIC)

The SEFIC examination is a solely oral test and is suitable for candidates who want to obtain a certificate for English for negotiation and presentation for industry and business. Exam contents are focussed on business practice: it deals with business situations from simple telephone dialogues to business presentations/negotiations. The SEFIC exam is offered at 5 levels “on demand”.

Diplom in Business English for International Managers

This qualification consists of 4 different exams that have to be taken within 24 months.

Level C1 or C2 of the European Union test must be achieved in all parts of the exam.